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awkward goodbyes vol ii

by Fenn Macon

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come undone 03:46
it's just me but the wheels have come undone it's just me but the wheels have come undone and i don't mean to offend or hurt anyone it's just me but the wheels have come undone illuminate the sights from the sides this time i think i am gonna be alright in the fabric of sunlight where we couldn't see past the tide if i could i would steer myself into your soul is underwater then i awoke and i was sober but they all could smell it on me the water and cool air were an easy solution to a long term problem scraping pages off the country lines try thicker skin to pass the time and i thought if no ones in my corner, since everyone left, i better make it worth it
and i've spread myself so thin that i will never fall in love again and i'll tell you all my friends it hurts more than falling in love ever could i can't wait for life to end because more than ever i end up hurting my friends so lets begin again as enemies so i'll only hurt myself
just say the word and i'll drive down to your house and we will talk this whole thing out cuz if the world is ending i wanna hold you close to me again this climates claustrophobic i felt nerves all through my bones and your name tumbles out my throat cuz i'm calling for you, let's stay up like it's middle school i can not let go of these old emotions, i sink into the ghosts of mtv mornings on the phone those empty promises i made to you, a debt i have repaid most nights i lie awake cuz i'd be dreaming of you but i know it's not true yet now you know i'm not too good for you or anyone and we don't owe each other anything at all but at the end of the day i'd give you all of my spare time this climates claustrophobic i heard you sing over the phone and you felt nerves all thru your bones but i'm here for you, let's stay up like it's middle school
what do you wanna do today i never want to do anything anymore i just sit around the house and waste away while gaining weight
box wine and baileys just to kill the time til they leave a golfers fall from grace, st andrews thanksgiving day peking duck for dinner in a dorm and still no way to keep you warm she asks you please just this once to stay the night and spends the next four weeks hinting at signs of life she's the world's girl, but she's not your world
today i bought myself a sewing machine so i could sew up all the bad parts of me i saw snow flurries falling onto red leaves the warmth inside spilled out of me and onto the streets where everyone could see the light that i wish was inside of me so i hope that your warm sunny face is ok and maui is nice (tho i know that's the case) winter comes fast but i like it that way cuz as the temperature drops it brings me closer to you coming home for the warmth i had not found in june and kate, i miss you
when i was young i dreamt this up lights down stage left band plays lights up the kids go home and form their own bands to get shows cycle starts again we'll do this while we can, break up, begin again late night bar scene lost and crawling out late last call no train to take me home am i acting like an asshole? just let me know, i'll try to shut it down we'll do this while we can, break up & begin again lights up band plays the crowd erupts good show headrush lights down band leaves still there's one thing that is missing: my face on stage, give up, turn away we'll do this while we can, break up and begin again don't think too much about it now kids they grow up move home move out
bb <3 dg 00:55
~~sleep on the drive home~~ ~pillows on windows~ ~~i'll take this road alone~~
i'm moving back to my hometown across the bridges i burnt down with any luck i will not drown my sorrows in the bars i'm now allowed and we're screaming: please don't be weird about this! what are you doing? please don't be weird about this! well i'm home now if you're trying to hang out if anyone's around is there anyone around? and we're screaming: plz don't b weird about this!! what are you doing?? please don't be weird about this!
again, evan weiss wrote this, look up the lyrics


the companion to the other album
which i will never finish
which means it's done

these songs are good imo


released March 24, 2020

i (fenn) wrote and recorded all of this, except the last song which is an into it. over it. cover

there's a wonder years sample on the first song




Fenn Macon Worcester, Massachusetts

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